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Kansas Lemon Law


Kansas’ lemon law covers most consumer vehicles, provided that they weigh less than 12,000 pounds. The law covers vehicles such as automobiles, sport utility vehicles, vans and trucks. The law applies to the original owner only and covers the vehicle for a period of twelve months. This differs from other states’ laws, which cover the vehicle during the warranty period no matter how many owners it has had.

Under the terms of the Kansas lemon law, a vehicle will qualify as a lemon if it meets the following requirements:

1. The problem occurs four times within the first year of ownership
2. The vehicle has been in the shop more than nine times to address ‘substantial” problems
3. The vehicle has been out of service for a total of 30 or more days. This period may be extended if the repairs have not been made due to circumstances beyond the control of the manufacturer, such as fire, flood, strike, war or natural disaster.
4. Under certain extreme conditions, the vehicle may qualify with only one visit to the shop

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